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How to Identify the Authenticity of Diesel Generating Set
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To identify the authenticity of diesel generator,in general diesel generator is divided into four major parts: diesel engines, generators, control systems, accessories.

1, diesel engine

Diesel engine is the power output of the entire part of the unit, accounting for 70% of the cost of diesel generating units, many poor manufacturers use the fake brand.

1.1 sets of counterfeit machine

Currently in the market well-known diesel engine almost all have the imitation manufacturers, some manufacturers use the same shape of the imitation machine posing as a brand name, using fake nameplate, real number, printing fake factory information and other methords,for fake to achieve significant reduction in cost.To distinguish fake machines, it is difficult for not the professional enginees to do it.

1.2 renovation of the old machine

All brand have the renovate the old machine, not professional staff may also be difficult to distinguish.

But the refurbished machine there are some flaws, such as paint, especially the corner paint, it is difficult to make the same with the original.

1.3 to confuse with the similar factory name

These manufacturers are opportunistic, dare not do deck, renovation, in the name of the factory and the name of the diesel engine,use the similar factory name and diesel engine name confused.

For example, some manufacturers use pinyin or homonyms and even the same word to register their own brands, such as: XXX Cummins generator sets, KMS generators, etc., in fact, and Cummins engine without any association, but registered a certain generator Co., Ltd. and the name of the "Cummins" trademark is not a trace of the relationship between these manufacturers to buy a variety of no-name diesel engine configuration of the generator set all known as a certain Cummins generator.

1.4 small horses carts

Confuse the relationship between KVA and KW. Uue KVA as KW exaggerated power, sell to customers. In fact KVA is apparent power, KW is the effective power, the relationship between them is 1KVA = 0.8KW. Imported units generally use KVA that power units, and domestic electrical equipment are generally used KW , so the accounting power should be KVA with 0.8 as KW

Do not speak long line (rated) power and standby power relationship, only say a "power", Use standby power as long lines of power sold to customers. In fact, the backup power = 1.1x long (rated) power. However, the backup power can only be used for one hour within 12 hours!
2, the alternator part

The role of the alternator is the power of the diesel engine into electricity, directly related to the output power quality and stability.

2.1 stator coil

Stator coils were originally used are all copper, but with the improvement of wire technology, there have been copper clad aluminum core. Different from the copper-plated aluminum, copper-clad aluminum wire is a special mold in the cable forming copper clad aluminum, copper than copper thick. Generator stator coil with copper clad aluminum wire in the performance is not much difference, but the service life than the copper strand stator coil short.

2.2 Excitation mode

Generator excitation method is divided into phase compound excitation and brushless self-excitation type. Brushless self-excitation type to stabilize the excitation, the advantages of simple maintenance has become the fashion.but there are still some manufacturers out of the cost of 300KW in the following configuration within the generator set phase excitation generator.

3, the control system

Ordinary standard units need manual switch, from the power outage to start the transmission of diesel generating units, generally takes 10 to 30 minutes.

Diesel generator group automation control is divided into semi-automatic and automatic unattended. Semi-automatic power failure for the generator automatically start, call automatically shut down, eliminating the need to start the downtime, but still need manual switch. It is equipped with ATS dual power switch. It automatically detects the mains signal and automatically switches it. At the same time, it controls the automatic start and stop of the generator set, and realizes the automatic unattended operation and the switching time. 3-7 seconds adjustable.

Hospitals, military, fire and other places to be timely delivery, to be equipped with automatic control screen.

Well-known brand controller has the following brands:

DSE: British deep sea controller;

ComAp: original imported Czech controller;

Kaixun, Hong Kong Kai Xun, Guangzhou production;

Zhongzhi, Zhengzhou, Henan production.

4, Accessories

Regular diesel generator set accessories including the cooling water tank, intercooler, fuel tank, chassis, battery, control cabinet, battery wire, silencer, shock absorber, air filter, diesel filter, oil filter, Pipe, connecting flange, tubing composition. There are also many parts that can be fake.

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