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Generator maintenance
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Generator maintenance

1. generator and its electrical control screen and professional maintenance personnel protection, according to the operating conditions and large-scale maintenance or maintenance support smes, and lubrication on a regular basis, each connection and actuator link point view each fixed point is unreliable and companies, and tighten loose bolts.

2. full-time maintenance personnel according to the requirement of the generator protection is generator maintenance, protection, and the operating process and replace the number of parts for a particular record, test records form and fill in the operation of the generator.

3. the oil surface smooth system; Replace the oil, oil filter; Exhaust system: check the exhaust blockage and leakage discharge silencer;

4. see some generator inlet blockage, terminals, insulation, oscillation and the component properly?

5. according to the actual situation is different, all kinds of oil separation and replace oil air vibration;

6. control screen cleaning and maintenance operation view and realize a month, protect the operation parameters before and after the contrast,

7. cooling system: check the water tank, piping and connectors; Regular cleaning cooler fan belt tension and the water pump, filter and cooling fan bearings ;

8. charge system: check the battery charger, battery electrolyte density (see weekly and the appearance of the battery, master switch, the connecting pipe and light;

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